Philosophy and Strategy

“Sea Purity Investments” is a family office that employs a fundamental, multi-strategy approach to investing, focused on producing positive absolute returns through any market environment while beating the indices over the long-term. Our investments cover the spectrum in both public and private growth companies, operating across multiple sectors, income generating assets, and alternative funds. Assets are split 50/50 between funds and direct investments. We have been blessed to have 4 early-stage investments go to $1B+ and are always looking for the next.

We invest in management teams who possess integrity, subject matter expertise, skin in the game and the ability to execute consistently against a timeline and budget. Putting shareholders first is a must. Each company needs to possess a unique, defensible, scalable business model with a defined ROI. We prefer companies which can self-finance growth, thereby reducing equity dilution. Typical investment time frame is 2-5 years but we are always searching for assets which can be owned for decades. QSBS tax advantages are a component of our early-stage VC strategy.

Investment structure includes common equity, warrants, debt, convertible securities and LP interests. To facilitate both due diligence and deal flow, we leverage a broad base of like-minded investors who possess subject matter expertise across a number of industries. We have established a solid network of co-investors and are particular about those we invest alongside. SoCal based investments represent over 35% of the portfolio.

A growing portion of the portfolio includes socially responsible companies, which we define as those that deliver a measurable positive impact to society, mankind, and/or the environment. With all things being equal, we will always opt to invest in companies that “Do Good”.

Given Matt’s 20+ years in the financial industry, Sea Purity strives to be a value-added shareholder who contributes to select portfolio companies by contributing intellectual capital, contacts, and support. This includes business advice, facilitating JV or sales partnerships, and making key introductions to C-Level management and prospective advisors/board members. Matt recently took a board position for MDB Capital which focuses on financing disruptive, platform companies protected by significant IP through a “Public Venture” strategy.


San Clemente, CA, United States