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Significant Wins and Exits

By investing in a great consumer fintek platform, we realized a nearly 12x Return from our seed investment

Raises $40M on a $300M valuation - Read Full Article at Techcrunch

Company announces that its PRV-031 therapeutic helps delay the onset of Type 1 Diabetes by up to 2 years for High Risk individuals. We generated a 7x return from our Pre-IPO round investment.

KKR purchases minority stake in Arbor Pharmaceuticals at a valuation of over $1 Billion.

Novartis purchases Encore for $500 million creating a 12x return with the potential for up to 12x in milestone earn outs.

Purchased by Great Hill Partners for $40.50 per share.

Former management team of AbbVie subsidiary purchases 17% interest and stock trades into the $20’s.

Pre-IPO investment which netted a 500% return.


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