Testimonials and References

This past year I told Matt that I was a member of his fan club. I don't join too many fan clubs. The reason was that I had watched Matt engage himself in situations where he clearly saw the "glass as half full" and took action to fill it up more. What I am trying to describe is the positive spirit of a partner-mentality that just seems a little rare to me today. It is a true treat to see it in action. Reminds me of a bygone era of venture capital, when no firms were yet so big that they didn't need partners - partners in other investors and certainly partners in key managers. I am thrilled and honored to be a part and partner of Matt's future.

Len Brandt
Former head of Norwest Ventures Healthcare and Life Sciences Portfolio and current private investor/advisor

"As a colleague within the investment community, I have worked with Matt for more than twenty years.  We have owned several of the same names together. I can speak highly of his integrity, honesty and work ethic and am grateful to have the opportunity to know him."

Leonard L. Goldberg

"I have known Matt for over 20 years. First and foremost I can’t say enough about his integrity both in the investor relations business and on a personal level. When Matt provides an investment opportunity you can be sure that he has invested his own capital. As a potential investor in a private placement, knowing that Matt has personally participated is very reassuring. Matt’s investment ensures that he has vetted the company which given his extensive successful track record is also another reason to invest. Not only does his involvement help issuers raise capital but his firm does a great job managing the IR function for the companies MZ represents, helping onboard quality fundamental investors as new shareholders. The network of investors he has developed over the years adds even more credibility and value to any company where he is a stakeholder. Matt’s performance with both his IR clients and personal investments is second to none is the small cap, microcap space."

Steven M. Bathgate

"I have had the great pleasure of becoming a friend and business partner of Matt’s over the past 15 years. He has so many good qualities that it is impossible to list them all but integrity, honesty, diligent and caring are but a few. When I think of the folks that I enjoy doing business with today, it is uncanny how many of them were introduced to me by Matt. Honored to call him a friend."

Gordon McBean

"'I’ve been friends and business partners with Matt now for 10 years.  He brings the same zeal and intensity  to business as he does to his athletics.  He has looked at hundreds of companies and is excellent at assessing leadership, business models and practicality across multiple sectors.  Matt brings together all this experience with everything he looks at so he can bring multi-faceted perspectives and questions to new opportunities, and these help entrepreneurs build stronger businesses.  Matt has brings integrity to any conversation.  On top of that he knows how to have fun and be adventurous, so he is a great fit for people that are up to big things in the world."

Brett Conrad

“If you are fortunate enough to create an exciting business opportunity, more than likely you will need capital. However, very quickly you will realize that finding the ideal investor is less about capital and more about the quality of the investor. Matt Hayden was introduced to me less than a year ago and he immediately became engaged once he took the time to understand what exactly we had. His professionalism, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, knowledge, and overall engagement have far surpassed anything I could have imagined, but surely needed. More often than not success is based upon access to resources, whether they be financial, technical, strategic, or just plain good old support, Matt has consistently been with me or one step ahead of me in providing these types of resources from day one. If you are looking for the right investor, Matt is the perfect starting point.”

Darryl Cohen
Brewfirst Founder and CEO

"As every entrepreneur knows, there are many challenges on the road to success. It’s difficult enough to excel within the core functionality of a product or service, but when you’re also dealing with investor strategies and endless pitches, intellectual property, corporate strategies, marketing theories and go-to-market practices, things seem to get out of hand quickly. In order to see the light at the end of tunnel and be fortunate enough to fulfill an exit strategy, it’s imperative to build a team that you can rely on. I was lucky enough to get referred to Matt Hayden who quickly understood our value proposition and saw a clear vision for how he could add value; which far exceeded his financial investment. 


First and foremost is Matt’s passion for our company and his drive to do what he can to help us in achieving all of our goals. His experience and insights have had a very direct impact on our current trajectory and am confident that with his help, we’ll build a company that lives up to his expectations."

Ethan Winner
ILLUSIO, Inc. Founder and CEO

“The investment business is a relationship game, and there is no one better to have on your team than Matt Hayden.  I have had the pleasure of working with Matt for close to 5 years now and he never fails to deliver.  From introductions to co-investment partners, to deal sourcing, Matt has consistently brought to the table the very highest of quality contacts.  In addition to his ability to leverage his vast network, Matt has always been a consummate investment professional.  He takes the time to understand the objectives of entrepreneurs, and often finds the unpolished gems.  As a limited partner investor in our fund, he has provided guidance on a number of investment opportunities we have considered, as well as challenged our perspective on many more.  We couldn’t have asked for a better partner.” 

Brent Granado
Founder and GP at Sway Ventures

"I have found that when investing in truly breakthrough technology, it requires not only strong and entrepreneurial management teams, but also entrepreneurial investors who have the foresight to see where a company is going and the impact they will have.  Matt Hayden and Sea Purity Investments have a strong entrepreneurial spirit grounded in honestly, Christ-likeness, and integrity.  This visionary mind-set combined with an impressive investment acumen has made working with Matt a wonderful experience." 

Aaron Fletcher, PhD
Managing Director, Bios Partners

"Matt has been a terrific collaborator for many years now across a multitude of investments and projects. He acts with the utmost integrity and selflessness in everything that he does, and always finds a way to add value and pay it forward. I've been tremendously impressed with his ability to sniff out terrific proprietary opportunities and apply his keen acumen for structuring and diligencing deals. Once Matt decides to vote with his wallet on something with you he's got your back for life."

Brian T. Nugent
Chairman, Nex Cubed

As an active investor in early stage companies, I’ve meet with hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors over the last several years but few with Matt’s energy, professionalism and level of engagement. He effectively helps connect the right investor with the appropriate investment opportunities and regularly provides insights that many others, me included, don’t see.  In a short period of time, Matt has become a key opinion leader with other members of the Cove Fund and I greatly value his regular support sourcing investment opportunities, conducting diligence and insights.

Mike Benvenuti
Investment Committee Member for the Cove Fund I and II


San Clemente, CA, United States