Best Ideas Dinner

Sea Purity hosts a “Best Ideas Dinner” each quarter in Orange County.  During the past 20 years, these events have strengthened our contact base and produced some of our most valuable relationships, in addition to meeting 2 portfolio companies which went from early-stage to over a $1Billion in value. The goal is for everyone involved to find more winners, both people and companies.

During each event, 5 to 6 companies (who are currently raising capital) and 1 Non-Profit present their story. Approximately 80-100 participants comprised of family offices, institutions, and C-level execs join. Please review our DISCLAIMER as the event is meant to provide only information and NO INVESTMENT ADVICE.

The goals of each event are to:

1) Meet new high-quality people and grow your network;

2) Hear solid, actionable investment ideas;

3) Pay it Forward by helping presenting companies accomplish their goals and make SoCal a great place to live and work;

4) Expand your social/impact investing/charitable giving;

5) Have a great time

Fall Virtual Event

While we miss seeing you in person, we tried to re-create the experience of sitting together at the event and watching each speaker present. Instead, our participants worked with Sea Purity and NiceTake video productions to complete the next digital version of the Best Ideas event. We’re hopeful that we can return to the original, in-person format whilst still remaining safe for everyone involved. In the meantime, kick back and enjoy the presentations from the comfort of your home!

Following is a line-up of the presenters/content for the event:

Ross Young, VP North America
Carl Coward, Investor Communications


June 11, 2020 - Virtual Event

Carey Ransom and Kyle Kamrooz, Co-Founders


Bill Colone and Dave Ferrera, General Partner


Rick Sanghera, President and CEO


Dustin Armer and Eason Abbott, Co-Founders


Jeff Bocan, Partner


Saurabh Suri, Managing Partner and CIO


Brian Mesic, General Partner


Brent Granado, Managing Partner


Jim Bunch, Founder


Jim West, Managing Partner


Edward and Pamela Apffel, Co-Founders


January 29, 2020

Les Kreis, Jr., Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Bios Partners Fund

Simon Arkell, CEO, Deep Lens

Cliff Boro, General Partner, Simplexity Holdings VC

Christian Braemer, CEO & Founder, Benefunder

Michael Cullen, MD, MBA, Sun BioPharma

Dan Engel, Partner, The Holdsworth Group, LLC

Author of Thriving Through Cancer

Amir Jafri, CEO, Immunicom

Christopher L. Pitzak, Managing Director, Bernstein

Joan Walter, JD, PA

Senior Director of Program Operations, Samueli Integrative Health Programs H&S Ventures

September 26, 2019

Dustin Boyer, Commercialization Manager

Andrei Cherny, Founder and CEO

Brent Granado, GP

To view the Presentation, please request the video from:

Sean MacNeill, CEO

Jim Holden, Founder


John Menzies, Co-Founder


Andre' De Rosa, CEO


Trevor Jensen and Ken Potashner

June 18, 2019

Stan Voshovsky, Co-Founder and CEO


San Clemente, CA, United States