Best Ideas Dinner

Sea Purity hosts a “Best Ideas Dinner” each quarter at our neighborhood clubhouse overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  As a result of hosting these periodically during the past 20 years, I have strengthened my contact base significantly including some of my most valuable relationships, in addition to finding 2 portfolio companies which went from early-stage investment to over a $1Billion at time of exit. We pray to find a few more of these and I believe a few of the recent presenters certainly have that potential.

During the event 5-6 companies (who are currently raising capital) and 1 Non-Profit present their story for 15 minutes. Approximately 40-50 participants comprised of family offices, institutions, and C-level execs join.

The goals are to:

1) Meet new high-quality people and grow your network

2) Hear solid, actionable investment ideas

3) Add value to presenting companies and/or participants where possible

4) Start to incorporate or expand your social investing/charitable giving and

5) Have a great evening

Following is the background on the presenters for the Tuesday, June 18, 2019 event. I would like to thank Jeff Thacker from Gunderson and Kevin O’Connell from Gemini Southern for sponsoring the evening.

Please remember we are not providing any investment advice or recommendations.

Stan Voshovsky, Co-Founder and CEO

The UBER of Non-Emergency/911 which is transforming demand medical transportation. $80M in revenues this year, expected to go to $200M plus next year with a clear roadmap through already established JV’s to reach $1 Billion by 2022. These JV’s are 50/50 owned with UChealth, Northwell Health and Uber Health with the Company locking in recurring revenues as the exclusive provider.


Mike Woelk, Founder and CEO

The world desperately needs scalable strategies to sustainably intensify agriculture. The best ROI idea is to deconstruct farm wastes and collect the plant’s natural biochemistry for organic sprays and the plant’s carbon structures for soil amendments that stimulate crop growth, cut fertilizer use, rebuild soil fertility and sequester carbon from the atmosphere for centuries.  The company is near commercialization with its first facility in the Central Valley CA with a capacity of $31M annually at 68% pre-tax profit margins.  This will serve as a template for multiple facilities to be built in the Central Valley and other geographic areas, both directly and through JV.

Russ Cline, Partner

Barnabas Group of Orange County is aptly described as the only collaboration of leaders dedicated to maximizing ministry potential by meeting nonprofit challenges with business perspectives to advance Kingdom work. The Barnabas Group is not a platform for fundraising, but a platform for raising the vision of local, national and international emerging ministries. Ministries ask Partners for help using their time, talents and networks. To utilize terms investors understand well, think about them as a lead institutional investor who vets the management, the strategy and the financials of ministries (who serve globally) and then help implement a sustainable plan with the best ROI per donated dollar while attracting great supporters/partners.

Check out the VIDEO at

Chris Marlett, Co-Founder

Coined the phrase “public venture capital” and has taken a number of highly disruptive life science and technology companies public. They are much more than a simple investment banker, they are Company builders which leverages a proprietary patent database to validate IP and its true position in the marketplace. The co-founder Chris Marlett will discuss the next steps to evolve their business model into a sustainable platform which will be great for the companies they support in addition to the shareholders who fund them.

Brian Mesic, Co-Founder of Ankona Capital

Introduced by Brian Mesic of Ankona Capital as both an anchor portfolio position and co-invest opportunity, Video-AMP is a data-driven software company that unites brand marketing across TV and Digital through a fully automated, cross-screen solution currently used to plan and measure over $10B of US marketing spend.  Key partnerships signed with Facebook and Google while top-line revenue growth was 300% for 2018 vs. 2017.


March 26, 2019

Executive Chairman Tom Tullie

Founder Christine Garde

Land and Sea

Founder and Project Manager Andre' De Rosa

Founder and Project Manager Craig Colbath

CEO Ken Potashner

Co-Founder and CEO Doug Miller

Co-Founder Dino Sarti


San Clemente, CA, United States